NMSU Analytics (Powered by IBM Cognos) - Navigation & Application Toolbar

The goal of the new user interface, navigation panel, and menu is to provide you with a streamlined way to view content and activities pertinent to you.

The following document provides users with information on the functions of the primary navigation tools of NMSU Analytics.
The primary navigation tools are split into two (2) categories. Each category contains icons with corresponding descriptions.
The categories are as follows:
  • Navigation Toolbar
  • Application Toolbar
passphrase analytics main page

Navigation Toolbar

On the left side of the UI is the main Navigation toolbar. The Navigation Toolbar is present on the UI at all times and updates dynamically as you work with the various capabilities within NMSU Analytics. The upper part of the bar provides you with direct access to search for content. The bottom portion of the toolbar provides you with one-click access to capabilities to create and manage new activities such as creating new content, uploading personal data files and managing the environment (dependent on User permissions).

Name Icon Description
passphrase hints icon Home takes you to the main portal welcome screen.
passphrase search icon
Search, allows you to put a string of characters to search for an item.
Using Search enables users to complete the following:
  • Find matching letters and numbers in the name of Folder, Dashboard, Data, Packages, Explorations, Stories, Reports, Notebooks, and Other.

Get Started
passphrase getting started
Get started, provides the user with information on how to:
  • Run a Report
  • Subscribe to a Report
  • Manage Schedules and Subscriptions

My Content
passphrase my content icon
My Content, provides the user with direct access to saved content.

Note: Permission to view content is restricted to content owners.

Note: In Cognos version 10, My Content was referred to as My Folders.
Team Content
passphrase team content
Team Content, contains all the NMSU published contents.

Note: In prior versions of Cognos this was referred to a Public Folder.

The Team Content enables the user to complete the following:
  • Find Reports
  • Stories, etc.
Note: Searching with keywords is an easy way to find what you're looking for.
Portal Navigationpassphrase the reports Portal Navigation, redirects the user to prior versions of Cognos.
passphrase recent
Recent, shows you the most recently used content list.

Note: Most recently viewed item appears on the top of the content list.
passphrase new
New, provides the user with a list of all authoring tools.
Tools for authoring in Analytics are as follows:
  • Data Module
  • Exploration
  • Dashboard
  • Report
  • Story
  • Job
  • Other (Analysis Studio & Query Studio)

Show Hints passphrase hints

Hints icon appears beside suggested icons. Clicking on the green button will open an information box explaining what the icon can do for you.

Application Toolbar

The Application toolbar contains features that permits users to switch between reports. The Toolbar offer users direct link access to several resources.
Welcomepassphrase welcome app
Welcome, provides the user with information on what they currently have open.
The Welcome icon allow the user to access the following:
  • View open windows
  • Close windows
  • Toggle between open windows 

Quick Links passphrase quick links icon
Quick Links, allows the user to access the following:
  • Banner
  • Forms 
  • Help Documents 
  • Email Cognos Help 

Ellipsispassphrase ellipsis
Ellipsis, allows the user to set their current report output as their homepage.
Notification Bellpassphrase notification bell
Notification Bell, notifies the user when a new item has been delivered through a schedule/subscription. 
Person Iconpassphrase person icon
Person Icon, allows the user to manage the following:
  • My Schedule and Subscription: This feature allows you to monitor and manage all schedules and subscriptions.
  • My preferences: This feature allows the user to set their roaming preferences.
  • Log My Session: This feature allows the user to turn on specific session tracking log to provide to the administrator for traceability of the session activity.
  • My Inbox: This feature allows the user to see new items created from their schedules and subscriptions.
  • My Watch Items: This feature allows the user to see their schedules and subscriptions
  • About: This feature allows the user to see the version of IBM Cognos Analysis they are using
  • Sign Out: This feature allows the user to sign out of the application.

Learnpassphrase learn
Learn, provides the user with information on learning resources. 

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