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Discontinued support for NPAPI

Posted: 13:15:58, Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017   Expiration: 13:15:58, Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018  

Support for NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) has been discontinued. NPAPI support includes the Java plugin required for Banner INB. Users will no longer be able to use Firefox and Chrome to access Banner INB.

Before the end of 2016, users will need to start using Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). 

Below is a helpful FAQ to guide you through verifying and/or installing IE 11.

Open an active Internet Explorer browser using one of the following IE icons: 


Click on the Help pull-down menu at the top of the page. 

Click on About Internet Explorer; it will indicate which version of Internet Explorer you have. 


If you need assistance determining which version of Internet Explorer you are running, please call the ICT Help Desk at 646-4357.

If it is determined that you do not have Internet Explorer 11 and you would like technical assistance upgrading your Internet Explorer browser; please call (575) 646-4209 to put in a work order and a technician will come out to help you with the install. If you’d like, you may also put in a work order online through the link below. There is no departmental charge for this assistance. Please use 100763 when asked for an index. 


For more information on the discontinue of support, click here

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