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Google Chrome - Fix website domain problems

Domain names, like or, identify websites, some sometimes devices and sites on your intranet or local network use a domain name that's already assigned to an internet site. You might run into the following error if one domain name you're using is the same as another name: "The site you are trying to reach may be conflicting with a new domain name."

Fix the name collision

If you see this error, you might be trying to visit a domain that uses a new Internet extension, like .nyc or .happy. This happens when an existing, private Internet address matches a new, public domain name. It could but you at a security risk, because you might end up at a site you didn't mean to where you could accidentally give out your personal information. 

To fix the problem, talk to your system administrator.

Why name collisions happen

This error is frequently the result of a conflict between an internal domain name and a new public domain name. For example, many companies with offices in New York City use addresses like to refer to computers and other resources in that office. However, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has recently given the .nyc domain to the City of New York. This means that visiting could start redirecting to a public website, rather than an internal resource. 

For more information, please visit the Google Support website.

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