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NMSU Webmail - Connecting your Webmail or External Email to your myNMSU Outlook 365 account

NMSU is moving away from the Webmail platform, meaning that access to these accounts may become difficult. To avoid any issues, NMSU ICT recommends following the steps below to connect your webmail account to your Outlook account.


  • To complete this process, you will need a myNMSU account. If you do not have a myNMSU account, please follow the directions outlined in the See Also section below.
  • This process will not work if you have previously set up your Office 365 account to forward to the account you are trying to connect to. To check your forwarding settings, please review the directions listed in theSee Also section below.

1.     Log into your myNMSU account and select Office 365 (Email) from the Launchpad menu. 


2.     In Office 365, select the Mail tile.

mail tile

If you do not see the mail tile, click the App Launcher icon > app launcher small icon  at the top of the page and select the Mail tile from the expanded list of Office 365 applications.

expanded app launcher

3.     The mail link will redirect you to your Outlook mailbox. Here, select the Settings gear > settings gear at the top of the page, revealing the Settings menu. At the bottom of this menu will be the subheading Your app settings, beneath this heading select the Mail link.

mail link

4.     The mail link will redirect you to your Options page with multiple mail menus; make sure that the Accounts menu is expanded, if not click on the gray arrow to the left of the menu name. Within the Accounts menu, select the Connected accounts link.

connected accounts

5.     The Connected accounts link will open another window displaying any connected accounts you may have. If you do not have any connected accounts set up, your Account list will be blank. To connect another email account, select the plus sign displayed above the Account list.

add connected account

6.     The Connect your email account window will appear, prompting you input an email address and password into the designated fields. Once complete select OK, this will prompt a connecting icon > connecting icon to appear. This step may take a few minutes.

connect to account

Note: If the next window you see is the Unsecured connection window, it means that the email address or password previously inputted was incorrect. Select the Cancel button and re-enter the email address and password of the account you would like to connect.

unsecured connection

7.     Once connected, you will see the Connect your email account window appear. Your external account is now connected to your myNMSU Outlook account. Select the OK button.

importing emails

8.     After selecting the OK button, you will see the Connected accounts page again. Here, you will see your recently connected email account listed in the Accounts list.

added account

9.     Seeing your connected email in the Account list means your Webmail or external email is now connected. Slowly, your NMSU Outlook 365 account will start to receive all emails from your connected account. Each of these emails will be displayed as unread in Outlook regardless of whether or not they have been read in the original email interface. Depending on how many emails exist in your connecting account, this may be a long process. 

If you have any questions, come by the Help Desk at Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center Room 105, call 646-1840, or email us at

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