How to access a local administration account on ACN computers.

In accordance with NMSU ICT policy, certain computers are required to be bound to NMSU's Active Directory Domain. This domain is in charge of authenticating and authorizign users and computers within the network. The Active Directory Domain also enforces NMSU's cyber security policies and can install and update relevant software automatically.

However, connecting a computer to the Active Directory Domain does not eliminate the user's ability to connect to the local system.

To connect to the local system or admin account on a computer that has been connected to the Active Directory Domain, please do the following: 

  1. Turn on the computer and allow it to boot up to the log in screen. 
  2. At the login screen, enter .\ followed by the local system credentials in the Username box. For example, if the local username was john.doe, you would enter .\john.doe in the username field. 

    ACN Login screenLocal access login screen

    By adding the .\ to the username, you are indicating to the system that you wish to access the local admin account as opposed to the account connected to the Active Directory Domain. This change will also be reflected underneath the Password bar, as the .\ will change the displayed ACN acronym to one that is connected to the local system instead. 

  3. Next, input the password connected to the local system or admin account in the Password box and select login. This will connect the user to the local system or admin account and allow you to navigate the local system without accessing the Active Directory Domain. 
Note: Local system credentials may differ from myNMSU credentials. If this is true, using myNMSU credentials to log into a local system or admin account may not work. Only the credentials linked to the local admin account can be used to access these functions. 

In the event that you are trying to install software and you are prompted to enter Administrator credentials, you can use the local system sign in procedure to circumvent the admin escalation process and install the desired software. 

admin access - ACN
Admin access - local

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