WordPress - Using Upfront Theme framework

Upfront is a third-party Theme framework made available to all NMSU-hosted websites. As a feature offered through NMSU, Upfront provides Themes that have the ease of drag-and-drop for beginners, along with advanced features perfect for more experienced users.

As part of their service, Upfront has created several "starter" themes to help you get started with Upfront. Each one was designed for a specific niche, and the beauty of our starter themes lies in their flexibility. If there isn't a starter theme that fits your particular need, Upfront's tools make it simple to find a theme with useful elements and modify it to suit your needs. 

Upfront themes have three key components: 
  • Upfront core - The framework itself. Upfront core must be installed to use any of the Upfront starter themes or the Upfront Builder plugin. All sites hosted by NMSU (wordpress.nmsu.edu) have core already available. 

  • Upfront starter themes - Specifically designed niche themes to help build your website. These themes are already available to all NMSU-hosted sites via WordPress Admin login > Appearances > Themes.

  • Upfront Builder Plugin - Plugin that allows users to create their own Upfront themes from scratch or modify an existing theme you'd like to use on multiple sites. The Builder Plugin is available to all NMSU-hosted websites and can be activated in the Plugins section of the website

Upfront Structure 


The diagram above illustrates the structure of an Upfront theme using the Panino theme’s homepage as an example. The structure comprises three layers: Global Theme BG, Regions and Elements. Global Theme BG layer cannot be seen on the Panino homepage. However, if one of the Regions were to be set to a solid color of 0% opacity, Global Theme BG would be visible.

The diagram below is a shortcut, it describes where each of the aforementioned layers can be accessed and edited.


Upfront works a little differently depending on which method you’re using to modify your theme.
Modifying your theme with the Upfront editor, accessed by clicking the Upfront link in your WordPress admin bar, saves all changes to your WordPress database.
Modifying a starter theme or creating a new theme from scratch from within the Upfront Builder creates PHP files and a folder structure mirroring average WordPress themes. This method is needed for users who want to distribute the Upfront starter themes they create.

For more information, please visit NMSU WordPress Video Tutorials or the Upfront Support Forums

If you have any questions, come by the Help Desk at Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center Room 105, call 646-1840, or email us at help@nmsu.edu.

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