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PowerPoint - Alternate Views

Although the Normal view is probably the most common one used, there are other views that come in handy for different tasks and preferences.

Display Normal view

This is the default view.

  • Select View > Normal.

    Or, select Normal Normal View button in PowerPoint from the task bar at the bottom of the window.

Display Outline View

Use this view to see a text outline or story board of your presentation.

  • Select View > Outline View.

Display Slide Sorter view

Use this view to see the order of your slides, or to reorganize your slides.

  1. Select View > Slide Sorter.

    Or, select Slide Sorter Shows the Slide View button in PowerPoint from the task bar at the bottom of the window.

  2. To reorganize your slides, just click and drag your slides to a new location.

Display Notes Page view

Use this view to see how printed notes look, or as cues for yourself while you're presenting.

  • Select View > Notes Page

    Or, select Notes notes button in PowerPoint at the bottom of the slide window.

Display Reading View

Use this view to resize the window while viewing animations and transitions.

  1. Select View > Reading View.

  2. To close Reading View, press Esc or select another view in the task bar at the bottom of the window.

Display Master Views

To change the Slide Master:

  1. Select View > Slide Master.

    Note: Be careful when making changes to the Slide Master, since changes to layouts in the Slide Master will be applied to all slides in your presentation that use that layout.

  2. To close a master view, select Close Master View.

Change the color of the view

  1. Select the View tab.

    Select NormalOutline, or Slide Sorter view if you're not already in one of these views.

  2. Select ColorGrayscale, or Black and White to see how your presentation looks on the screen or printed.

Add a Ruler, Gridlines, or Guides

  1. Select the View tab.

  2. Select the options you want:

    • Ruler - to show horizontal and vertical rulers.

    • Gridlines - to show a grid.

    • Guides - to show automatic alignment guides.

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