Connect to NMSU AggieAir-WPA2 Wireless on Windows 10

NMSU provides the NMSU community with AggieAir - WPA2 Encrypted wireless internet access, which can help protect sensitive personal information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers from snoopers on a network. The service is available to any student, faculty, or staff with valid myNMSU credentials.

Network Registration:
If you have not registered your device to the University network please choose the appropriate link below and complete to necessary steps before you continue. 
Terms and conditions of use:
Users are expected to use wireless access in a legal and responsible manner. By using the AggieAir-WPA2 wireless network service, you are agreeing to abide by all applicable local, state, and federal rules and regulations. You are also agreeing to abide by the policies set forth in the NMSU Policy Manual ( including but not limited to (Acceptable Use) and (NMSU Institutional Data Security). Misuse of the AggieAir-WPA2 wireless network will result in the loss of your Internet connection privileges. It may also result in your removal from university grounds and possible legal action.

AggieAir-WPA2 wireless network provides the user an encrypted network connection, which can help protect sensitive personal information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers from snoopers on a network. However, NMSU provides access to its AggieAir-WPA2 wireless network with no guarantees of speed, performance, security, malware, or privacy protection. Encrypted connections do not protect against viruses or malware. NMSU recommends that users of the AggieAir-WPA2 have up-to-date virus protection and security software running on their network-connected devices. NMSU is not responsible for any loss of any information, loss of data, hardware or software failures, or any damages resulting from the use of the AggieAir-WPA2 wireless service.

Agreement acceptance: 
By accessing and using AggieAir-WPA2 wireless Internet service, you agree that you 1) are a Student, Faculty, or Staff of the University with a legitimate university business and 2) have read, understand, and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use as outlined above. 

1. Windows 10 users: Right-click on the wireless network icon in the taskbar. In the menu, click Open Network and Sharing Center

network connect example image

Option 1A: Using Cortana ("Asking me anything" box found in the taskbar) 
1. Type "network and sharing" into the Cortana search box and press enter/return.
Note: If the search result does not display "network and sharing center" click the white circle, found in the left side of the search box, and select Network and Sharing Center in the results. 
Cortana search bar image

Option 1B: Using the Start Menu
1. Click on the Windows Start windows iconicon, found in the lower left corner of your home screen.  
2. Find and select the Setting settings iconicon. 
3. Find and select the Network & Internet. This will prompt the Settings window to open. 
4. In this window, you can find the Network and Sharing Center two ways. First, you can type "network and sharing" into the search box found on the upper left side of the window. Or, you can click Network and Sharing Center found on the right side of the window. 

2. In the Network and Sharing Center window, click on Setup a new connection or network. Select Manually connect to a wireless network. 

Windows 8 sample network settings image

    3. Next, input the settings for the network. For  Network name type AggieAir-WPA2. For Security type,  select WPA2-Enterprise. The Encryption type should be AES. When you are done inputting the settings, click Next.  

    Windows 8 Aggie Air wpa2 settings imput image

    4. The following window will say that you have successfully added AggieAir-WPA2. Click change connection settings


    5. In the next window, click on the Security tab. Make sure Security type is WPA2-Enterprise. The Encryption type should be AES. The Network authentication method should be Microsoft: Protection EAP (PEAP). Next, click the Settings button next to Network authentication method.

    Network security tab image

    6. The next window will be the Protected EAP Properties window. Make sure the box labeled Validate server certificate is unchecked. Under Authentication Method, select Secured Password (EAP-MSCHAP v2). If you would like to, check the box for Enable Fast Reconnect. Next, click the Configure button under Authentication Method. 

    Protected EAP Properties window image

    7. In the next window, uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and password. Click OK in the EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties window and in the Protected EAP Properties window.

    Protected EAP Properties window 2 image

    8. Back in the Network Properties window, click Advanced Settings. Click on the 802.1X settings tab. Check the box labeled Specify Authentication Mode. Select User Authentication from the drop-down menu. Now click OK. In the Network Properties window, click OK. Click the Close button in the Successfully Connected window. 

    Advance Settings

    9. You will now be able to connect to the secured AggieAir-WPA2 internet. To log in, click the wireless network icon in the taskbar. Select AggieAir-WPA2 and click Connect. In the next box, enter your NMSU username and password and click OK. 

If you have any questions, come by the Help Desk at Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center Room 105, call 646-1840, or email us at