Safari - Use Passes in Wallet

You can use Safari to add passes, such as boarding passes or movie tickets, to Wallet (or Passbook) on your Mac, iPhone, or iPod touch. When you add a pass to your iPhone or iPod touch, it’s also added to Wallet on Apple Watch, if Mirror iPhone is on in the Apple Watch app.

Note: iCloud must be set up on your Mac and iOS device (iOS 6 or later).

  • Add a pass to Wallet: Click Add to Wallet in the pass. If you already added the pass, but its content is different, click Update.

  • View a pass: Click its link on a webpage. If the bar code is dimmed, the pass has been redeemed or is expired. For details about a pass, click the Info button  in the pass.

  • Share a pass: Click the Share button  in the pass, then choose how to share the pass.

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