MacOS High Sierra - Ways to use Siri

You can use Siri to get quick answers (say something like “What’s the weather tomorrow?”) or do a task for you, like send an email.

The Siri window showing an email message being dictated.
  • Open an app: Siri immediately opens an app for you. Say something like: “Open Notes.”

  • Dictate text: Have Siri write a note or email for you. Say something like: “Create a note” and then dictate what you want to write.

  • Schedule a meeting: Have Siri set up a meeting for you. Say something like: “Create a meeting for today at 3 p.m.”

  • Play music: When you listen to Apple Music, Siri learns your music preferences and can recommend songs or play a playlist. Say something like: “Play a playlist of happy songs.”

  • Get music trivia: Siri can tell you about songs, albums, and artists, or read album notes for items in your music library. Say something like: “Play the top song from March 1991.”

  • Find a location: When Location Services is enabled in Privacy preferences, Siri can give you information based on your current location or include maps to give you more details. Say something like: “Where’s the nearest grocery store?”

  • Find files: You can complete robust searches for files—just ask Siri to find files created at a certain time or containing precise text. Say something like: “Find files that I created last week containing ‘conference’.”

  • Change a system preference: Siri can automatically change some preferences or open a preference pane for you. Say something like: “Increase my screen brightness” or “Open Night Shift preferences.”

    Tip: Siri is an easy way to start using accessibility features with your Mac—for example, ask Siri to turn VoiceOver on or off.

Siri can make suggestions in some apps even before you ask. For example, when you receive invitations in Mail or book flights in Safari, Siri suggests adding them to your calendar. Or, when you browse webpages, Siri can suggest related webpages.

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