Norton Mobile - Detecting a Known Application as a 'Privacy Risk'

The App Advisor feature of Norton Mobile Security scans all the installed apps on your device for access to your personal data, ads displayed, background data usage, unusual behavior, and background battery usage. Depending on the results, it flags the app as a Privacy Risk. You can then read the detailed report about the app and take an informed decision whether to trust the app or uninstall it.

To know more about the behaviors that App Advisor checks for, read Why Norton Mobile Security flags an app as a Privacy Risk on my Android device?.

If you want to trust the app that is detected as Privacy risk and continue using it, add it to the Trusted list.

Add an app to the Trusted list

  1. Launch the Norton Mobile Security app.

  2. Swipe through the screens to reach the App Security screen and then tap App Advisor.

  3. Under Privacy Risk, tap the app that you want to review, and read the App Advisor report about the potential risks.

  4. If you want to trust and retain the app, tap Trust.

    The apps you trust are added to the Trusted Apps list in App Advisor.

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