my.NMSU- Concise Student Schedule

This document provides instructions on how students can access their detailed course and class schedule.

The concise student schedule, contains an in-depth information about the precise course time, venue, date etc. of classes/courses registered by student.

In order to view your precise course schedule:

1. First log in to your my.NMSU account and click on the Student tab.

passphrase log in to my.nmsu

passphrase select student

2. Then navigate to the bottom right hand side of the display screen (on your my.NMSU homepage) and click on Concise Student Schedule.

passphrase chose concise class schedule

3. Next, select the term, for which you wish to view Concise Schedule by clicking on drop down arrow next to "select a term," then click Submit to proceed.

passphrase select term

4. After clicking on submit you will  be redirected to your Concise Class Schedule.
passphrase concise class schedule view